Subscriptions or Subs as we all know them, is your membership fee for Scouting. We try to keep this as low as possible, however there are a number of costs that we must cover each and every month in order to run the group.

Subs is currently £40 per term. We understand that this can be a fair chunk to pay in a single go so generally charge subs at £10 per month payable on the 1st of each month by direct debit.

The below chart shows how the subs you pay each term is split out and what it covers.

You will notice from the above chart that there is no wages for leaders. All our leaders are volunteers and therefore do not get paid for their role.

Did you know that if you are a U.K tax payer we can claim gift aid on your membership fees? That means we claim an extra £8 per term per eligible member. Last year our gift aid paid for lots of new tents to allow our young people to continue having nights away experiences. Speak to your leader if you’re not already registered for Gift aid.