Waiting List Policy

With Scouting across the UK being so popular there is over 30,000 young people waiting to join. Thankfully it’s not quite that long a list at our group and often we can take new members either immediately or within very little time of requesting to join.

However at times when our sections are full we must implement a waiting list. When requesting to join us you will be placed on a waiting list for the relevant section and places will be offered as they become available based on the following priority.

Children of uniformed leaders within the group.

First priority is given to those who’s parents are uniformed leaders as without our leaders we would not be able to offer any spaces. If we have more leaders, it may also mean that we can take more young people, so why not become a leader too.

Young people moving up from a younger section.

We will next give priority to those moving up through our sections. So a young person moving from our Beavers to Cub section or a Cub moving to our Scouts.

Those with siblings in the group.

We will next give priority to those who already have siblings within our group.

Children of exec members.

Our executive committee members help out behind the scenes. We will give our next priority to them as again without them, we would struggle to run our group.

Young people transferring from other groups.

If a young person is already a member of another group, however transferring into the area and looking to continue Scouting then they will be offered a place within our group at this level.

Length of time on waiting list.

The final priority decision is based on the length of time the young person has been on the waiting list.

In very rare cases there may be exceptions to this, however this should only be with approval of the executive committee and the Group Scout leader.

You may appeal any decision in regards to the waiting list policy in writing to the Group Scout leader by emailing gsl@11thbasingstoke.org.uk.