11 July 2020

The great indoors weekender is already underway. If you haven’t registered then you can still join in, but don’t forget to upload your evidence as below to make sure you get your badge.

Here are the steps to upload evidence to your parent portal:

Step 1: Log into your parent portal and go to your badges area.

Step 2: Under activity badges, find the one called The Great Indoors Weekender and select it

Step 3: Click complete at home

Step4 : You can then add pictures and comments to show what you have been up to.

You can do this all in one at the end of the weekend or as you go! The choice is yours.

Here’s a reminder of how to get involved.

  1. At 12pm today, check out this page or use the programme below to choose the activities you want to get involved in. Links are available on that page. Some of the main activities you will find the links on our Facebook page too.
  2. Build a den or camp out.
  3. Share what you’re doing using the hashtag #TGIWeekender. (Facebook | Twitter | Instagram)
  4. At 8am tomorrow, check out this page and click on the activities you want to take part in.

And that’s it! We hope your young people smile, laugh and make amazing memories this weekend – they deserve it.

Don’t forget to join us for the famous Scouts campfire live on Facebook at 7.30pm.

In order to get your badge, you will need to attend the red parts of the programme. You then need to attend at least 2 of the blue items plus 1 of the green items. We need a pic of what you get up to on each part you attend. Pick and choose your favourite blue items, then check out the equipment list so you know what you will need.

Saturday – Click here for full programme

12:00 Welcome – For all sections, led by Bear Grylls, Chief Scout

12:30 Build a den with Ed Safford, Scout Ambassador – For all sections

13:30 Reaction Rockets (Cubs & Scouts)

14:30 Whirly Birds (Beavers & Cubs)

15:00 Top 10 tips for your night away with Dwayne Fields, Scout Ambassador

15:30 Building Balance (Cubs & Scouts)

16:00 To foldly go (Scouts)

16:30 Compass Coding (Cubs & Scouts)

17:00 Tea Ceremony (All Sections)

18:30 Let’s get cooking (All Sections)

19:30 Virtual Campfire (All Sections)

20:00 Bedtime Story (Beavers & Cubs)

21:00 What to look for in the sky (Scouts)

21:30 Stargazing (Scouts)

Sunday– Click here for full programme

08:00 Recipes to reduce food waste (All Sections)

08:30 Keeping yourself well with Megan Hine, Scouts Ambassador (All Sections)

09:00 Yoga (All sections)

09:30 Tower Building (Beavers)

10:00 #CareForCareHomes (All Sections)

10:30 Music Makers (Beavers & Cubs)

11:00 Scouts, The Musical

11:30 Close, led by Bear Grylls, Chief Scout

RED: Should attend

BLUE: Attend a minimum of 2 of your choice

GREEN: Attend a minimum of 1 of your choice

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